Universal Group comprising of a good number of business entities-Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited, Universal Agency, US Energy and Power (Pvt.) Limited, Universal CNG & Petrol Pump, Universal RS Engineering Pvt. Limited AMB Traders Pvt Limited, Global Survey & Inspection and MS Enterprise engaged in manufacturing, service and trading business has been operating with good reputation for around 32 years since 1990 and by this time has successfully been able to create a unique brand especially in the domain of LPG business in our country under the very competent leadership of experienced management with diversified expertise and understanding. Manufacturing and supply of LPG gas cylinder, LPG gas supply to household and industry, gas station for vehicles, LPG reticulation system set-up, import and trading of bitumen, coal and stone, Clearing and Forwarding service, CNG,LPG & Diesel filling station constitute our core businesses. Apart from this, we are` the registered procurement provider of DGDP (Directorate General Defense Purchase), MES (Military Engineer Services), CMTD (Central Mechanical Transport Depot) and LGED (Local Government Engineering Department). Apart from these, we operate as the licensee in the name of Global Survey and Inspection to carry out the survey of different types of vehicles related with insurance claim.

Emergency Delivery Contact :

Dhaka Head Office :

Cumilla, Kaichutty, Chowddogram :

Nadalia, Barabkunda, Sitakunda, Chitagong :

Chattogram Office :

Purbachal office :

Autogas purpose :

Reticulation Set up:

For this aforesaid business, we have at present following set up and infrastructure:

  • 1) LPG mother terminal and Storage Tank with LPG Filling line/bottling plant at Nadalia, Barabkunda, Sitakunda, Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • 2) LPG Storage Tank with LPG Bottling Plant at Kaichutty, Chouddagram, Cumilla, Bangladesh
  • 3) LPG Cylinder Manufacturing Plant at Kaichutty, Chouddagram, Cumilla, Bangladesh
  • 4) Bitumen decanting plant at Kaichutty, Chouddagram, Cumilla, Bangladesh
  • 5) LPG cylinder depot and distribution point at Arihazar, Narayangonj, Dhaka, Bangladesh

How we work?

We have exclusive expertise in storage, transportation, and distribution of gas. With the capacity of 3040 TON warehouse management system, we utilize a fleet of vehicles including tank lorries, bobtails, and trucks to deliver gas to our customers across the country. We have a large distribution network with 100 distributors and 2500 retailers throughout the country.

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Security Factor

1st stage

Distribution Network: The distribution network consists of pipelines, metering stations, and regulators that control the flow of gas to individual customers.

2nd stage

Service Lines: Service lines are the pipelines that connect the distribution network to individual customers such as residential homes, commercial buildings,

3rd stage

End-Use Equipment: This stage involves the use of various equipment such as boilers, stoves, ovens, and furnaces that convert the gas into heat and energy.



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Provided Many Exclusive Features

Biggest Distribution Network

Universal Gas Limited's 100 distributors and 2500 retailers make it the leading player in the gas industry with the largest distribution network. Having the biggest distribution network is a major advantage.

24/7 Support

"Available through various channels, 24/7 support offers peace of mind to customers and a commitment to exceptional customer service."

Maximum Body Thickness

"The maximum body thickness of a cylinder is an important factor in determining its structural integrity and overall strength, as it affects the cylinder's ability to withstand pressure and resist deformation."

Quick Delivery

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Re-testing in Regular Intervals

"Re-testing at regular intervals is a critical component of quality control. It helps to maintain accuracy and effectiveness of processes, ensuring continued success and improvement."

B2B Fulfillment

Universal Gas Limited provides gas supply to B2B customers, with a focus on auto-gas stations, industry sales, and reticulation. This focus supports the growth of the economy.

What our clients say about us

Universal Gas Limited's its wide distribution network, consistent transportation and fast delivery, extensive experience, B2B fulfillment, trustworthiness, and high-quality products.

"Great service always willing to help would not go any where else I can recommend this company."

Rafiqul Islam

"Great service always willing to help would not go any where else I can recommend this company."

Rafiqul Islam

"Great service always willing to help would not go any where else I can recommend this company."

Rafiqul Islam

Frequently asked questions

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Universal Gas Limited is a leading gas distribution company that supplies gas for both domestic and industrial use.

- Largest Distribution Channel
- Consistent Transportation with Fastest Delivery
- Trustworthiness with full of experience
- B2B Fulfilment with commitment and best service

Universal Gas Limited offers a range of products including liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and other gases for both domestic and industrial use.

Universal Gas Limited has a vast distribution network of 100 distributors and 2500 retailers across the country, providing coverage to a wide service area.

Universal Gas Limited has a fleet of vehicles that facilitates the transportation of gas from its central storage facility to its customers, providing fast and consistent delivery.

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