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Cylinder Manufacturing Plant, Cumilla

Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited set up its cylinder production centre in 2017 and started commercial activities in 2018. UNIVERSAL LP GAS cylinders are best for quality, longevity, safety and accuracy because they are manufactured at a state-of-the-art plant in Cumilla using world-class forming machines, automatic ding lines, heat treatment and state-of-the-art technology. Hydrostatic leak testing unit, and zinc and electrostatic powder coating. The Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited. The plant produces 4 types of LPG cylinders with 3 different capacities: 12kg, 35 kg & 45kg cylinders. The annual production capacity of the plant stands at 350,000 cylinders. The plant is equipped with European machinery of Repkon & stringent to world-class production standards. Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited is the only cylinder manufacturing plant in Bangladesh equipped with European machinery. We offer the highest quality gas cylinders in all sizes and to both LPG operators at home and abroad, complying with customized safety standards for all markets. ZINC COATING AND POWDER PAINTING Universal LP Gas cylinders ensure ZINC coating to make the cylinders rust proof. By maintaining the 80 microns standard Universal ensures the powder painting on the cylinder body. This makes the colour attractive and durable. MAXIMUM BODY THICKNESS Universal LP Gas Cylinders are made as per the design cod of American Standard Specifications (DOT-4BA-240) using quality raw materials. That ensures the maximum body thickness. It gives optimum safety during the movement of cylinders. PERFECT WEIGHT GUARANTEED Universal LP Gas Cylinders get cleaned regularly with proper maintenance procedures, and beyond that, they go through repeated checks. That’s why no residue can gather at the bottom layer of the cylinder and users get the exact amount of gas every time. RE-TESTING IN REGULAR INTERVALS Universal LP Gas cylinders are regularly re-tested and put through proper maintenance procedures. The date and details of maintenance are then engraved on the body of each cylinder to ensure cylinder safety.


Universal LPG Mother Terminal, Barabkunda, Sitakunda

Being a subsidiary of the country’s one of the most well-revered conglomerates, Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited, since our start in the year 1999, we set a benchmark for Universal LPG. No matter what it takes, we would be the epitome of ‘standard’ and ‘reliability’ for the people and the country. The Barobknda LPG plant has a Storage facility consists of Two spherical tanks having 3000MT capacity (Proposed another 2000 MT Spherical Tank) And the 23 filling posts of the carousel filling system, 3 Industrial Filling Posts & Road Tanker Filling Bay of the plant have the maximum monthly refilling capacity of the country. No matter what goes on, we stay committed to making our delivery on time.


Bitumen decanter plant

The company stated in the first bitumen decanting plant at kaichutty, chodogram, Comilla having facilities of both bag bitumen & drum bitumen decanting. Bitumen is a binding organic material made from the by-products of refined crude oil. It is widely used in road construction because it is easy to produce, reusable, non-toxic, and has a strong binder. As Bangladesh is largely dependent on imported bitumen, the first-ever private sector venture by US Energy & Power Private Limited Will be able to produce approx. 150,000 tons of bitumen and asphalt annually. According to various success, Bangladesh’s monthly bitumen demand is around 42,000 tons while the demand is growing at an average rate of 10-15 % a year. In addition to producing commonly used penetration grades road bitumen, US Energy & Power Private Limited Bitumen or asphalt plant has the facility to produce premium modified grades of bitumen upon demand. The plant can produce bitumen grades such as cutback, emulsified, oxidized and polymer (SBS, rubber powder) and customized as per the client’s required specifications. Also, usual penetration grades (60-70/80-100) and modified grades can be produced and supplied upon demand from this plant. Drum production and filling facilities along with bulk loading facilities are being constructed to facilitate an efficient distribution system from the plant. Apart from this, fuel oil and some other by-products produced in the plant will be sold or disposed of to appropriate clientele. US Energy & Power Private Limited Bitumen plant has been built with state-of-the-art technology and the producer has the plan to export bitumen after meeting local demand.


Regional Distribution Centers (RDC)

To meet the product demand in (rural, urban & semi urban areas) UNIVERSAL GAS & GAS CYLINDER LIMITED is committed to set an extensive & most diversified distribution network across the country with significant number of distributors, dealers and retail points. Even for fastest reach to the distributors, UNIVERSAL GAS & GAS CYLINDER LIMITED is working continuously to set-up efficient service through different Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) strategically positioned in prime locations of the country.


Cumilla Satellite Bottling Plant

Universal Gas & Gas Cylinder Limited- unit #1 is a bottling plant located in kiachutty, chowddogram, Cumilla. This is the first plant of the company established in the year 2014 and started commercial operation in September 2014. We forayed into this LPG industry to set ‘industry benchmarks’. Being the pioneer, we started with immense responsibilities on our shoulders. We went on few units to make sure the reach of the product countrywide for our end-users. During and after development, the plant will have the following socio-economic effects: • The satellite plant will act as a rapid bottling depot for neighboring areas • It will contribute towards providing a stable LPG supply, reducing the use for natural gas in both domestic and industrial sectors • It will fulfil the energy demands for surrounding areas and encourage usage of LPG as a reliable and alternative fuel source • The project (and plant) will create employment, not just primary but secondary as well, creating hundreds of jobs through linked industries like trading and transportation • The plants proximity to the highway will allow rapid and easy deliver to consumers in the area Function: Fueling of LPG Cylinder Products: 12 kg, 35 kg & 45 kg LPG cylinder

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